Lucas Adds Forklift Emissions Testing

Would you like to improve the health of you and your employees AND dramatically reduce your LPG fuel costs? If so, consider Lucas Liftruck's exhaust gas emissions testing program, which will help to ensure your company is OHSA compliant while substantially improving your forklift's fuel efficiency.

Due to the risks associated with exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) gas and other exhaust fumes, OHSA regulations stipulate that employers are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the air quality within the workplace. With CO gas, for example, OHSA regulations limit concentrations to a maximum of 25 parts per million. The byproduct of internal combustion engines, CO gas is created when an engine is incapable of completely combusting its hydrocarbon fuel mixture. Once released into the atmosphere, the odorless and invisible gas causes a cumulative effect on employee health by preventing red blood cells from carrying oxygen. Symptoms of carbon monoxide overexposure include respiratory irritation, headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, coma and death. Since CO gas is heavier than oxygen it poses a significant problem for indoor facilities operating LPG forklifts as the gas does not easily dissipate from the environment.

In addition to the health concerns posed by CO gas, the production of CO gas is also indicative of fuel wastage in LPG forklifts. For every 1% of CO emissions above the targeted level of 0.5%, between 3 - 5% of fuel is wasted. Without the proper adjustments, 90% of all forklifts will have CO levels between 3% and 10%. Even at the lower end of the spectrum, properly adjusting your LPG forklift through Lucas's emissions testing program could save hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars on annual fuel costs for every forklift tested.

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