New Training Courses at Lucas

New Training Courses at Lucas

While Lucas Liftruck has traditionally focused on perfecting our offering of forklift operator training, we realize that many of our customers have training needs that go beyond forklift safety certifications. In recognition of the diverse training needs of our customers and to further our commitment to meeting the needs of our loyal customer base, Lucas has partnered with 1 Contact Safety to expand our training program to include Working at Heights (full and recertification courses) and Mobile Work Platform training courses.

To help introduce these new training courses, as well as our new instructor, Ken Schippling from 1 Contact Safety, we talked with Ken about why he decided to partner with Lucas Liftruck, his industry experience, what separates his training courses from his competition and his company 1 Contact Safety.

QUESTION: So, Ken, why don’t you start by telling us why you decided to partner with Lucas Liftruck? What was it about our company that made us an attractive option to help you expand your business? Why did you see Lucas as such a good fit for you, 1 Contact Safety and your core values as a business?

ANSWER: Yeah, sure. To be truthful, for me, the decision was all about the people here. I can honestly say that Lucas has a true family feel to it and how it conducts itself, from how it deals with its customers and vendors to how the employees interact with one another. Everyone is very genuine and caring and that works well with my values.

At the same time, I also saw how Lucas’s employees treat their customers. At all times, it seems like the customer comes first and providing excellent service is a foremost concern. Truly, you guys put your customers and their needs first above everything else and that also struck a chord with me. At 1 Contact Safety, we really do put our customers first and take great pride in providing an exceptional level of service, so seeing that at Lucas put my mind at ease. It just felt like a great fit.

RESPONSE: : Thank you Ken, I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone here at Lucas when I say that recognition is appreciated. We are definitely a close knit group and everything from our company policies, practices and culture emphasizes a customer-centric approach to providing high quality service.

QUESTION: Now that we understand why you chose Lucas, why don’t you tell us a bit more about your industry experience and experience as a safety trainer and consultant? This will let our customers know some of the reasons behind why we chose to partner with you – we definitely thought your resume was impressive from a training perspective.

ANSWER: Well, I’ve been building towards my current position for the last 20 years when I began working in a safety role for businesses throughout Ontario while serving on 5 different safety committees, representing both workers and management. Since then, I’ve taken college level courses for training adults in the workplace, developed a strong background in industrial establishments with 9 years of work in the automotive industry, and trained both workers and management in the following areas (among many others):

  • Scissor lifts
  • Boom lifts
  • Working at heights
  • Fall protection
  • Ladder safety
  • Safety policies, and
  • Workplace violence and harassment

  • QUESTION: That’s an impressive list of qualifications and experience. Is that what you feel separates you and your training courses from other service providers?

    ANSWER: That’s an important question. At the end of the day, the answer speaks to how the content is delivered and what qualifications I have. One thing I really emphasize is engaging the audience and using real life examples to help students relate to the material. I think it also help that I’m very passionate and focused on ensuring every student gets the best training experience possible.

    In terms of my qualifications, I already touched on a lot of it above but I’d like to go over a few points again. I’ve spent many years as the worker, supervisor and manager so I understand everyone’s responsibilities and challenges. You get both the expertise of a trainer and a consultant. I have been approved by the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Prevention Officer as an approved training provider.

    QUESTION: Would you like to close things off by giving us a bit of information about your business – 1 Contact Safety. For example, when was 1 Contact Safety established, what industries do you serve, how many training courses do you offering and what’s a good one sentence summary of your business?

    ANSWER: To answer your question, I established 1 Contact Safety in 2016. The goal here was to become a small and flexible company with a focus on providing both safety training and consultation throughout the Niagara Region. Our primary focus is serving businesses and individuals in the construction and industrial sectors, however, we do offer training beyond those verticals.

    In Closing

    As mentioned above, Lucas Liftruck will now be offering 3 new training courses in partnership with Ken Schippling from 1 Contact Safety. For more information on our entire training program, please visit our training page here. For more information on Ken and 1 Contact Safety, check out his website here or look him up on LinkedIn.

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