Lucas Pallet Jacks

Why buy a Pallet Boss pallet jack at Lucas Liftruck?

Low Cost

Manual pallet jacks are a cost efficient equipment option as they're almost maintenance free with no battery and few moving parts

Excellent Warranty

Stärke PalletBoss pallet jacks come with an industry leading warranty, including a full 7 years on the pallet jack's hydraulic pump assembly

Simple Operation

Without a motor or battery and only a few moving parts, manual pallet jacks are simple to use and do not require additional training to operate

Easy to Buy

We carry a large inventory of pallet jacks available for same day pick-up or delivery throughout the Niagara Region at a great low cost compared to the competition

A PalletBoss Pallet Jack for Every Application!

Whether you are a small retail store or a greenhouse, you're likely using - or should be using - a manual pallet jack at your business. For lower volume or infrequent applications, manual pallet jacks (also known as pump trucks or hand pallet trucks) offer a simple, cost-effective solution for moving pallets and unloading trailers in a large variety of applications and businesses. At Lucas, we're currently offering Stärke PalletBoss pallet jacks at a great price (varies by model) and have a large inventory for same day pick-up or delivery (for a small fee) throughout most of the Niagara Region.

Pallet Boss Pallet Jack

PB55-L-1X Standard Pallet Jack

• Load Capacity - 5,500 lb.
• Fork Width - 21" or 27"
• Fork Length - 36", 42" or 48"
• Wheel Type - Single Poly Urethane

Other Pallet Jack Options

For applications in sanitized environments, such as those in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals or chemical supply industries, Lucas stocks a wide variety of pallet jack options. For these applications, we recommend using our stainless and galvanized steel pallet trucks, which are ideal for corrosive or clean space environments.

Alternatively, we also have offer a number of variants on our standard pallet jack with features such as nylon wheels, dual tandem front wheels, and four-way configurations for special applications. If you're unsure what type of pallet jack best suits your needs, or are ready to purchase, contact Lucas Liftruck today at (905) 227-3291, via email or by filling out a contact request.

Notable Features

Stärke's PalletBoss manual pallet trucks offer some notable features and advantages over the competition. Among those are a 180° pivot action handle, helper rollers, and ball thrust steering, adjustable push rods, 12 grease points, and a rugged one-piece C channel steel frame. Other notable features include the following:

adjustable pump cap

Super Hydraulic Pump

With quality German design and a foot release pedal, the pump features an overload by-pass valve and a special lowering valve for a controlled rate of descent - all backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

pallet jack handle

Ergonomic Handle

With a fully rubberized and ergonomically shaped handle, Stärke pallet jacks effectively reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity. The curve also allows for comfortable operation with either hand at multiple grip points.

pallet jack load entry wheels

Load Entry Wheels

Available with polyurethane or nylon rollers depending on the application and floor surface, both of which include sealed bearings for reduced maintenance, pallet entry is smooth and easy.